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Management Team

  • Chairperson doubling as General Manager: Ms. An-Ting Chung, who is in charge of company operating decision and visionary planning, and also ensuring the enterprise’s normal operation and legal compliance.
  • Production enterprise department senior director: Mr. Chin-Hui Liao, who is in charge of overall plant operating and ensuring the quality system’s implementation and maintenance.
  • Marketing sales department senior director: Ms. Li-Mei Chen, who is in charge of company marketing, sales planning and monitoring.
  • Administration department senior director: Mr. Tim Chiang, who who oversees the Administration Division, Finance & Accounting Division, Purchasing Division and Legal Affairs Division and manages internal administrative operations.
  • Chief accountant doubling as financial officer: Ms. Yu-Hsiu Huang, who is in charge of company budget, audit, taxation, operating result analysis and accounting-related system formulation and execution.
  • Spokesperson: Ms.Tina Wang, who is in charge of presenting company-disclosed financial operating information to the investors, shareholders and related parties.