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The company managers have had one president appointed, one executive vice president, one production enterprise department chief plant director, one marketing sales department senior manager, one financial comptroller, one chief accountant and one spokesperson, whose job title and responsibility are as enlisted below: 

  • Chairman doubling as president: Mr. Jin Chung, who is in charge of company operating decision and visionary planning, and also ensuring the enterprise’s normal operation and legal compliance.
  • Chief executive officer doubling as finance comptroller: Mr. Chia-Mao Lee, who is currently serving the positions as company chief executive officer, financial comptroller and information head, taking charge of company departmental coordination and ensuring the quality system’s implementation and execution.
  • Production enterprise department senior director: Mr. Chin-Hui Liao, who is in charge of overall plant operating and ensuring the quality system’s implementation and maintenance.
  • Marketing sales department senior director: Ms. Li-Mei Chen, who is in charge of company marketing, sales planning and monitoring.
  • Chief corporate governance officer: Mr. David Wang, who is in charge of corporate governance affairs.
  • Chief accountant: Ms. Yu-Hsiu Huang, who is in charge of company budget, audit, taxation, operating result analysis and accounting-related system formulation and execution.
  • Spokesperson: Ms.Tina Wang, who is in charge of presenting company-disclosed financial operating information to the investors, shareholders and related parties.