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Talents are important assets to PHASCO for on-going concern. We strive to help employees exercise their expertise at ease. We value the best interests of employees with competitive pay and benefits package offered to effectively realize the human resources policy.

Salary/Prize Money/Bonus System

1. Annual bonus depending on the business performance
2. Pay raise depending on personal performance
3. Interim bonus distribution
4. Stock subscription by employees and stock subscription from capitalization
5. Stock option for employees~


Welfare System

1. Wedding gifts, funeral allowance, maternity allowance, and injury and      
    sickness hospitalization allowance
2. Tours and group activities held periodically
3. Labor, the Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts
4. Birthday gifts
5. Free health checks provided periodically~ 


Insurance System

Provide employees with worry-free insurance coverage:
1. Labor insurance
2. National health insurance
3. Group insurance~

Working Environment

PAHSCO considers “employees the most important assets of the company.” Efficiency and quality work performance of the organization relies on employees that have good physical and mental health and a balanced work and lifestyle. Therefore, PAHSCO is dedicated to creating a working environment that is beneficial to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of employees. In addition to the routine health checks arranged by hospitals or medical clinics to help employees aware of and care for their own health, occupational health education and training, protective equipment implementation training, and hazardous substances advocacy are held at the workplace to enhance employees to identify hazardous elements and responsive ability for the goal of zero hazards.