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Respiratory Therapy
Nasopharyngeal Airway

Nasopharyngeal Airway is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure the patient’s airway remains clear who requires medical attention during the treatment and transport. With the device in place, the patient's tongue  cannot drop back and occlude his/her airway, keepting it clear so that the patient can breathe.

It can be used safely on unconscious patients, and provide access for suctioning and bronchoscopy easier, safer and less traumatic. The device is a simple and effective airway adjunct designed for easy insertion and maximum patient compliance.


  • Anatomically designed and extra soft for patient comfort
  • The flared opening prevents the airway from physically vanishing into the nose and allows for comfortable positioning without obstructing the other nostril
  • Clearly labeled sizing enables clinicians to choose the correct one for the patient
  • Provides visual confirmation before insertion that there are no blockages
  • Soft compliant PVC facilitates insertion and readily conforms to the nasopharyngeal anatomy.
  • Soft, rounded bevel-tip reduces mucosal wall trauma and guides the airway along the floor of the nasal passage
  • Interior striations for smooth suction catheter insertion
  • Exterior non-grabbing facilitates easy insertion
  • Kink-resistance helps assure a patent airway
  • Sizes to fit pediatric and adult patients

Size raging from 4.0 mm to 8.5 mm.