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Respiratory Therapy
Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask is used for the purpose ofaccuracy delivering oxygen to the user’s respiratory system with many various medical situations. The Oxygen Masks are made from medical grade materials which results in a soft, clear finish for greater patient comfort and easy monitoring of patient condition. Include adjustable nose clip  and elastic straps for better fitting. Universal port conveniently fits all standard oxygen tubing connectors.


  • Ideal for long-term users and edentulous patients
  • Clear vinyl mask allows greater visual for patient assessment
  • Adjustable nose clips for proper fitting on a wide range of face sizes to minimize air leakage
  • Elastic strap ends sealed fits comfortably below the ears to hold mask snugly in place
  • Optional oxygen connecting tubing available
  • Available with universal connector that attaches directly to flowmeter, eliminates the need for an adapter
  • Available with standard end connectorsfor flow meter or other oxygen delivery devices
  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes