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Respiratory Therapy
Microjet Nebulizer Set

Microjet Nebulizer is utilized to deliver aerosolized medications to the airway. It is a cost effective and treatment efficiency medication delivery system may be driven by piped wall source gas, compressed gas or portable treatment compressor.


  • Optimal particle size, for maximum medicine delivery and minimal residual medication
  • Design with a screw-cap locking mechanism
  • Spill proof without fear of a costly or messy medication spill
  • Connectors allow to be connected to either an aerosol mask, T-piece or mouth piece providing users choice of delivery
  • Clear construction allows clinicians to view the nebulization of the drug and provides visual assurance of the functioning device.
  • Efficient nebulization in upright position and at angles up to 45°.
  • Graduation marks facilitate easy dilution of drugs as necessary
  • Medication capacity 5cc
  • Available in a wide variety of kits to suit your patients' needs