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Closed Suction System (Tracheostomy)

Tracheotomy Closed Suction Catheter enables clinicians to clear unwanted mucus build-up from the airways of ventilated or tracheostomy patients without the need to disconnect the patient from the ventilator or aerosol source. The catheter is protected inside a sleeve and is usually changed only once a day to improve patient and caregiver safety during routine suctioning and catheter cleaning.


  • Tracheostomy length
  • One-way lavage/irrigation port
  • Dual swivel elbow stay connected to the patient during the catheter change, which reduces strain on ventilator tubing
  • Superior tactile sleeve allows excellent feel for accurate catheter manipulation
  • Clear depth markings help to reduce mucosal trauma and infection potential by allowing the practitioner to limit the distance of catheter advance for safe suctioning
  • Color coded control valve provides easy identification of the catheter size at a glance
  • Lockable thumb end cap prevents inadvertent suctioning
  • Day-of-the-week stickers to help monitor length of use
  • Sterile and latex-free