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Bubble Humidifier (135ml)

Bubble Humidifier is used to provide humidified oxygen (cold humidification) to patients in hospital or at home to prevent damaging the respiratory trace.

It has a female adaptor that fastens to the oxygen concentrator where the therapeutic oxygen exits the machine and is pumped through the bottle. The Bottle  is filled halfway with sterile water that creates a vapor mist the exits the bottle along with the oxygen to the patient, bringing moist therapeutic oxygen to the patients mask. A nasal cannula or oxygen mask is usually used to deliver the oxygen from the humidifier bottle to the patient.


  • 135 working volume capacity at maximum fill line
  • Pop-off valve on cover automatically open at 2psi as the outlet line occlude
  • Whistle alerts the user to deal with it immediately
  • Recessed connector with screw cap protects the connector from accident breakage
  • 360º DISS swivel connection for easy installation
  • DISS female connectors in metal construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Polycarbonate shatter-resistant bottle for maximum durability and service life
  • Maximum and minimum water level markings clearly defined
  • High performance diffuser provides small bubbles for quiet operation with high humidify output
  • Produce very low noise helps the patient rest