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Reusable Humidifier (315ml)

Bubble-type Humidifier is a non-disposable unit designed for durability and performance in the hospital or at home. It is used to help humidify the oxygen or medical air administered to the patient through respiratory tubes. It is designed for long-lasting use and easy disassembly for cleaning. It contains a 2-psi safety relief valve, an O2 DISS female nut inlet fitting and a removable diffuser head, all of which are chrome-plated brass. The polypropylene bottle may be as or liquid sterilized and it is dishwasher-safe.


  • Shatterproof, autoclavable and dishwasher-safe bottle
  • 315 cc working volume capacity at the maximum water line
  • The lid assembly contains an occlusion protection 2psi safety pop-off alarm
  • Pop-off alarm Immediately if the tubing to the patient becomes occluded
  • The maximum and minimum water lines are boldly labeled
  • Metal DISS female connectors for maximum strength and durability