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European Style 2-Stages Vacuum Regulator (0~-760

2-stages Continuous Model Vacuum Regulator is to measure and adjust the vacuum level within the context of medical suction. It is used to remove substances from the patient’s body during surgical and other procedures. The vacuum regulator should be connected to a wall source of vacuum using a direct probe or through a rail mounting system. Applications for all medical and emergency applications.


  • Meet EN 739 standards
  • Provide an adjustable, continuous vacuum level up to 760mmHg
  • REG/OFF switch allows the quick restoration of a pre-adjusted vacuum level
  • Continuous suction controller guaranteeing reliability and fine adjustment
  • Plastic hosing and cover preventing from risk of corrosion
  • REG/OFF indicator on the side allows the caregiver to operate the vacuum regulator easily
  • Non-interchangeable screw threads (NIST) guarantee easy and safe operation
  • Precise vacuum control with non-slip hand wheel
  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Colour coded body for additional safety
  • User-friendly gauge marked for high, medium and low pressure
  • Multiple connections and mounting options
  • Available with overflow safety trap