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2-in-1 Vacuum Regulator

2-in-1 Vacuum Regulator offers dual modes that allows the option of an intermittent mode that automatically cycles the vacuum on and off for gastric suction which helps to reduce the pressure in patient's upper digestive tract after gastrectomy surgery. The regulated continuous mode is ideal for use with all general suction therapy precedures such as airway management, surgical procedures, and continuous nasogastric drainage.


  • Convenient Features improve suctioning procedures and enhance clinical practice throughout the hospital.
  • Compact and Lightweight makes it easy to handle and reduce stress on the outlet.
  • Strong, Break-resistant Housing is durable and easy to clean.
  • Modular Components simplifies service procedures and low cost replacement parts and kits.
  • Mode Selector Switch features a toggle action for easy to grap and positive selection which shows the selected mode from a distance.
  • Color-coded, 2.5”(6.4 cm) Diameter Gauge Range. 
  • Glow-in-the dark scale.
  • Front Large and Unobstructed Suction Control Knob provides quick, easy thumb-wheel adjustment to regulate vacuum level as prescribed for each model.
  • Factory Default Settings for On/Off Cycles is 15 seconds (± 2) on, 8 seconds (± 2) off.
  • Gauge Accuracy ± 1.6% full scale deflection that is calibrated in with mm Hg.
  • Intermittent mode is limited at 0-13LPM Standard.
  • Positive Pressure Safety and Relief Valve protects the patient and regulator safety in case of accidental connection to a positive pressure gas.
  • Different Calibration Gauage Available (0-200mmHg, 0-400mmHg, 0-760mmHg).
  • Variety of Inlet and Outlet Fittings Available insure compatibility with existing fixtures in any medical facility
  • Filter Assembly.
  • Comprehensive 5 years parts warranty.