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Closed Wound Drainage Systems

Evacuator is a continuous, low level and effective vacuum/drainage flow system helps drainage, reduces fluid pockets and improves tissue approximation. It offers lightweight, low level suction and easy for a patient to carry.
It has been designed specifically for smaller procedures where less exudate is anticipated and can also be beneficial by greatly reducing the amount of time needed for recovery.

The evacuator is effectively method for treating a variety of postoperative seromas following head and neck, abdominal, ENT, OB/GYN, plastic surgery and neurosurgery, or others minimal post-surgery bleeding procedures, etc.


  • Transparent Reservoir facilitates the approximate measurement of exudate.
  • Graduations at every 25cc allow measurement of the fluid in the reservoir.
  • Internal Anti-reflux Valve is also incorporated to prevent reverse flow during emptying and reactivation.
  • Drain Port with Attached Plug is provided for emptying exudate collected by the unit.
  • Reservoir Strap with a Bed Sheet Clip allows it to be conveniently attached to a clothing.
  • Stepped Threaded Inlet with Cap secures connections throughout the system.
  • Silicone type provides easy activation of suction, and PVC type provides the same but is more cost-effective and offers a more constant suction profile than silicone.
  • Available in convenient kit or separately with round or flat drains, with pre-attached trocar or not for procedures optimal flexibility.
  • 400ml bulb features dual inlet ports to allow connection of two drains without a Y connector