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Silicone Thoracic Catheter

Thoracic Drainage Catheters are inserted through the thorax to remove air and fluids from the pleural space and to reestablish normal intrapleural and intrapulmonic pressures.  Most suitable for post operative drainage after cardio thoracic and thoracic surgery.


  • Biocompatible, thrombo-resistant silicone catheter with superior resistance to microbial growth.
  • Clear, premium quality silicone provides enhanced drainage visibility
  • Soft, kink-resistant silicone conforms easily to anatomy for improved patient comfort
  • Superior strength reduces risk of tearing or breaking
  • Ultra low coefficient of friction helps reduce mechanical irritation to heart and lung tissues
  • Smooth tip minimizes trauma and patient discomfort
  • Depth marks at 2 cm increments and radiopaque stripe for easy and precise positioning via X-Ray
  • Tapered drainage eyes maximize drainage performance and help prevent tissue damage and clot adhesion
  • Available in both straight and right angled varieties