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Closed Wound Drainage Systems
Perforated Drains

Peforated Drains are suitable for use with high-vacuum wound drainage systems for postoperative wound drainage. The drains feature a radiopaque strip running the entire length of the drain makes repositioning and x-ray detection easy.
The variety of drains will accommodate any wound size or exudate level. Available in both silicone and PVC per physician preference.


  • Quantities Perforations around the wound site offers excellent wound drainage effect.
  • Smooth Perforations are heat polished for easy, painless removal.
  • Cross Perforation for effective exudate removal.
  • Atraumatic Smooth Eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Barium impregnated for X-ray detection of drain.
  • Implanted Segment is x-ray opaque effective also.
  • Inner Lumen Ribbing helps prevent drain collapse and clogging and preserve drain patency (Flat type only).
  • Indicator Dots make drain placement quick and easy.
  • Rigid Structure offers great kink-resistance character.
  • Soft and Kink Resistant PVC Tubing with Frosted Surface provides fluid movement and for maximum patient comfort also.
  • Transparent allows an easy visual inspection of the tube.
  • One-piece Design eliminates the possibility of breakage or separation upon removal (PVC Tubing only).
  • Comes in Variety of Configurations in a wide sizes range, round (6Fr. to 18Fr.) and flat (7 mm & 10 mm) version in various length with or without trocar of wound being treated.
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile, for single-use only
  • Supplied sterile in double packaged.