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Closed Wound Drainage Systems
Fluted Drains

Fluted Drains are a state-of-art surgical drain with a unique 4-lumen design to provide greater tissue-to-drain contact and multiple drainage routes. Flutes drains design concept is mainly based on the evidence that the traditional tubular drains are limited in the efficacy due to the few holes and short drainage portion were able to eliminate any risk of tissue damages during the removal. In addition, thanks to the greater drainage surface and the capillary effect enhanced dramatically the drainage capability. They can be efficiently used in many different surgery from cardiac surgery to abdominal surgery, from neurosurgery to orthopedics.  


  • Designed for maximum patient comfort and ease of use in mind
  • 4-lumen design provides greater tissue contact area than perforated drains
  • Constructed with a solid center core for increased tensile strength and flexibility
  • Offers multiple drainage routes to resist clogging
  • May help prevent premature removal and seroma formation
  • Causes less aggravation to surrounding tissue greater patient comfort
  • Patients experience less discomfort upon removal
  • Patients experience greater ease of mobility postoperatively
  • Patients can be discharged with the drain attached to a bulb to continue drainage and recovery at home
  • Helps speed recovery