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Pooles Suction Tip

Pooles Suction Tip is a specialty suction instrument has been used to evacuate pooled blood, fluid and debris during deep abdominal surgeries and cesarean sections. Made of rigid, unbreakable plastic that reduces the risk of hemolysis, and features a friction fit screen that is easily removed for fine suctioning. The standard long length enables efficient deep sump suctioning during resection procedures, while the smooth outer screen and rounded inner tip provides safe, efficient suctioning with or without connective tubing.


  • Two-part tube locks securely for use as an assembled unit.
    • Inner tube can can be used for spot suctioning to reache into confined areas.
    • Outer sleeve has multiple eyes promotes rapid, evenly dispersed suctioning of fluids to avoid clogging on fat particles.
  • Snap-fit construction permits easy removal of outer sleeve.
  • Ergonomic handle allows for easy manipulation and positioning in operative site.
  • Fine lumen polished at the distal end for atraumatic tissue contact.
  • Transparent provides easy observation of secretion.
  • Universal connector facilitates easy connection of tubing.
  • Various configurations allow its use in a wide variety of medical suction applications.
  • Angled tip model permits effective and tissue-friendly suction.
  • Available with select tubing pre-attached.
  • Sterile, individual double wrapped peel pouches.