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Surgical Suction Instruments
Yankaur Suction Tip

Yankauer Suction Tip is a convenient one-handed operation suction instrument which is designed for effective suction of fluids and meets all requirements for general suction purposes, orthopaedic suctioning or dental work.


  • Single-use prevents cross contamination.
  • Ergonomic, slip-resistant handles provide excellent and safe grip.
  • Shatterproof construction aids in patient's safety.
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces minimize friction and eliminate obstruction or clogging.
  • See-through shaft for easy assessment of suction fluids.
  • Atraumatic end and angled tip allow effective suction without damaging surrounding tissue for patient comfort.
  • Graduated connector facilitates easy connection of surgical tubings.
  • Thumb control vent is conveniently located for gives continuous or intermittent precise control of suction.
  • Sterile, individual double wrapped peel pouches.
  • Come in various configurations, including tips with preattached tubing.
  • Switch system allows the operator to manually open and close suction