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Respiratory Therapy
Mucus Extractor

Mucus Extractor  is utilized for collecting a sputum and/or tracheal aspirate specimen easily and efficiently using any suction pump or device for microbiological examination.


  • Container transparency offers easy visual examination of the aspirate
  • Suction catheter with smooth outer surface finish of the catheter for trauma-free insertion
  • Soft, round and open tip with 2 lateral eyes to maximize flow and reduce the risk of blockage
  • Graduated container for immediate observation of secretion
  • Additional closure cap is provided to seal the container for safe transportation of specimen or aseptic disposal of container
  • Standard funnel ends or vacuum control connector for mechanical suctioning are available
  • Build-in hydrophobic membrane in the cap available to retain potentially contaminated fluid inside the chamber
  • Universal connectors fit almost all suction catheters or connecting tubings.
  • Available container capacity is 10ml, 25 ml and 50ml.