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Thoracic Catheter with Trocar

Thoracic Trocar Catheters are used for rapid non-operative pleural and chest drainage allow safe and effective penetration with exact placement. They feature with blunt tip trocar for easy penetration, placement and handling. They are primarily  used in relief of life-threatening chest conditions such as tension pneumothora and safely perform the traditional approach to chest drain insertion with an open or blunt tip trocar.


  • Manufactured from Soft, Non-toxic, Medical Grade PVC adapts to patients anatomy.
  • Catheter is Snuggly Fixed Over the Trocar.
  • Surgically Sharp Blunt Trocar permits easy insertion while reducing risk of trauma as penetrating the pleural wall and making final placement.
  • Proximal End is Fitted with Ergonomic, Hand-contoured Pistal Grip Handle provides excellent forceps grip and non-traumatic insertion.
  • Open Distal End with Super Smooth Lateral Eyes maximise drainage from the chest.
  • Cross Lateral Eyes prevent tissue aspiration.
  • Depth Markings are provided at 1 cm increment from the distal end for reliable placement verification.
  • Radiopaque Stripes run through out the catheter to help ensure proper placement by identification of distal hole on x-ray.
  • Matching Size Connector for easy connection to the drainage system.
  • Sterile, individually double packed in a peelable pouch.
  • Single Patient use only.