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Reusable Collection Bottle (Polysulfone)

Reusable Collection Bottle is used to collect liquids or mucus resulting from medical suction. Constructed of polysulfone can be sterilized in autoclave countless times without losing quality at 134º C for 15mins withstands hard usage and provide trouble free service over a long time.

  • Clear polysulfone is non-toxic, exhibits low protein binding, and is easy to clean
  • Screw-fit plastic cap and float assembly can be steamed or sterilized in autoclave
  • Cap fitted with float safely valve automatically and efficiently shuts off vacuum fully when it is full
  • Cap inlet and outlet tubing connectors molded-in unique graphic indication of PATIENT/VACUUM for easy-use
  • Molded ergonomic handle enables to hang it directly fix onto the wall slide reduces the risk of fluid contact and makes transporting simple and efficient
  • O-ring overs the top of bottle for a positive, leakproof seal
  • Without generating any noises or vibrations harmful to the patient
  • 1800c.c. capacity