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Thoracic Seal and Manometer
Thoracic Water-seal Manometer is a pleural drainage system does not require a vacuum regulator or suction apparatus which provides a constant negative pressure when the chamber is filled with sterile water up to the minimum water level 30 mL and a water seal is establish. It may exert excessive and potentially dangerous high negative pressures if high airflowis utilized. 

It is mainly used in the context of cardio-thoracic or tracheal suction but also in neonatalogy throughout the hospital from ER to recovery, ICU where need the low pressure contimuously.


  • A fully disposable time saving pleural drainage solution.
  • Minimum Flow Level for -20 cm water pressure.
  • Clearly Defined Minimum Water Level Markings for greater convenience and water seal integrity.
  • Equipped with Transparent Standpipes submerged in the bottle (typically to 20cmH2O) limits the minimum suction for precise negative pressure measurement.
  • Fluid Fill Ports w/Self-sealing Membrane allows for repeated septum access by needle puncture through for reduce spillage and increased sterility.
  • Operating Range Indicator verifies functional efficacy for indicating negative pressure of approximately.
  • Connectors are provides for fixing to connecting tubings.
  • Liner Lid Tubing Connection Port is provided with a barrier to reflux of atmospheric air into a patient's pleural cavity. provides reliable over-flow protection.
  • Module Hanger can be easily mounted over the suction liner for continuous drainage.
  • Sterile, for single-patient use only.