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Feeding/Irrigation Syringe

Feeding/Irrigation Syringes are plastic made with a clear with a clear barrel with graduations in ounces and cc’s which used for enteral feeding, bladder and/or irrigating body cavities and wounds applications such as bone surgery, microsurgery or other nurse procedures. 

Piston-type is widely used in liquid food providing and bulb-type is utilized in irrigating the wound surface so as to avoid further infection by uninterrupted action in a single-hand technique.


  • Easy to grip and use with one hand only.
  • Smooth rounded flanges that make comfortable finger grips while pushing the plunger.
  • Barrel features raised, large and easy-to-read graduation in oz and cc. are in 5cc increments, allows the uses to clearly measure what is going in or coming out of the syringe.
  • Tip protective cap provide a safey and convenient means of storing syringes used with enteral feeding and irrigation system.
  • Transparent or green bulb for options facilitates easy pumping and suction.
  • Rounded, squeezable, flexible textured bulb provides the maximum control over drawn or expelled fluids.
  • Quick setup reduces the time needed for continuous refilling which is excellent for use in clinical setting.
  • Piston type features a thumb ring designed minimizes hand slippage and prevent contamination.
  • Plunger rod for smooth operation permits easy one-hand use.
  • Rubber O-ring ensures a positive seal every time while the syringe is drawn.
  • Elongated tip facilitate tube feeding, has an extra-large orifice for better removal of clots and mucous shreds.
  • Small tube adapter ensures proper attachment to small tube feeding and irrigation system.
  • Sterile, disposable prevents contamination.
  • Latex free ensures the safety of even your latex-sensitive patients
  • Bulb type 60 cc capacity and piston type in sizes of 70 and 80 cc