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Surgical Protective Cover

Surgical Protective Covers provide a sterile barrier. They are used to either create a contaminant free area during an operation or conceal the areas of the body not affected by a procedure. 

  • Flat-folded for saving valuable space
  • Create an area free of contamination during medical and surgical procedures.
  • lower the turn around time between cases and eliminate equipment breakdown caused by repeated soakings and sterilant damage
  • Composed of a soft, pliable, polyethylene material, latex-free material comfortable for patients and especially popular with sterile scanning procedures
  • Plastic with stretch properties, super absorbent and strong enough to prevent tearing provides a tight seal around all camera or laser hand piece openings
  • Clear enables full camera view at all times
  • Reduce glare from overhead lights
  • Secured into place with an elastic bands and/or ahesive tape to take up slack when necessary
  • Individually packaged for a single use