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Respiratory Therapy
Amniotic Fluid Mucus Extractor

Newborns suspected of having a bacterial or viral infection sometimes need a specimen of nasopharyngeal secretions evaluated for the causative organism.

Amniotic Fluid Mucus Extractor is used to suction the phlegm and the amniotic fluid in the newborns mouth or nose to ensure free respiration. It provides a safe and inexpensive, do not require a mechanical negative pressure source, and are an effective way of clearing the newborn's nares and oropharynx. The risk of infection is minimal, providing the traps are used correctly and a suitable filter is located between the collection trap and the operator's mouthpiece.


  • Easy, convenient collection of new born baby mucous specimen sample
  • Clear transparent mucus trap allows to easy measurement of specimen collection
  • Calibrations allow precise measurement
  • Low friction surface catheter is provided with open end silk smooth round tip for trauma free inseration of aspiration.
  • Extra bottom cap reduces spillage for safe transporation of specimen to the laboratory or aseptic disposal of it during transport
  • Catheter is available in a variety of French sizes