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Medical Gas Outlets
DISS Wall Type Gas Outlets

Diameter-Index Safety System (DISS) Wall Type Gas Ouelets are wall-mounted quick connect outlets which provide a means of connecting to medical gas piping system.

DISS outlets are typically used in ceilings of operating rooms or in place of quick-connect outlets. Connection to outlet is by means of a nut and nipple. Gas-specific indexing to prevent accidental connection to wrong service is accomplished by a series of interference diameters.


  • Meets the requirements of the latest NFPA99 and CGA
  • Latch valve assembly is color-coded foe ease of gas identification and aesthetic appeal
  • Universal rough-in assembly to accept quick disconnects or DISS front adapters can be interchanged at any time
  • Accept only DISS style gas specific adapters
  • Gas specific indexed prevents interchageability of gas service for safety
  • 360° swivel inlet pipe for easy installation
  • Threaded swivel-nut connection makeseasy to attach and use within minutes
  • Cleaned for oxygen service
  • 100% passed leakage and connector stability tests
  • Available for O2, Air, Vacuum, N2O, WAGD and N2