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Medical Gas Outlets
DISS Console Type Gas Outlets

DISS Console Type Gas Outlet is a quick-connect outlets provide a means of connecting to medical gas piping system. When appropriate adapter is inserted into outlet, primary valve is opened, permitting gas flow. Mechanical latch secures adapter in outlet. Primary seal closes when adapter is removed.

  • One-piece brass construction
  • Universal rough-in assembly to accept Quick Disconnects or DISS front adapters
  • Front-loaded valve cartridge feature makes the outlets easy to repair, saving valuable time and money for the health care facility
  • Gas specific pin-indexing corresponding to the rough-in assembly to prevent interchangeability of gas services
  • Durability of color coding for easy identification on the aluminum nameplate
  • Color coded for ease of gas identification on the front body by appearance of galvanized front body plate
  • Up to 3/4” (19mm) mounting plate thickness adjustment
  • 360° swivel inlet pipe for easy installation
  • 100% passes the test of leakage and adapter stability
  • Serial number ensures traceability
  • Available for gases of O2, Air, Vac, N2O and WAGD