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Japanese Standard Gas Outlets

Japanese Standard Outlets are designed with non-interchangeable features to prevent mismatched connections with improper media. Outlet valve and its base are provided non-ino-interchangeable mechanism by the pin-guide. Color coding twist-release holder for specific gas identification. Accepts only Japanese gas specific adapter which can be easily and rapidly joined together by a single action of one or both hands without using of tools.

  • Unique Pin-guide hole prevents interchanging of gas service
  • Inspection valve allows removal of the housing and socket assemblies for maintenance without closing down the entire pipeline
  • Twist release for smooth quit action
  • Outlet valves are easily dismantled and disassembled for inspection and maintenance
  • Color-coded for easy gas identification
  • Swivel inlet pipe for easy installation
  • 100% tested for gas leakage and connector stability
  • Individually packaged provides proper protection during storage and transit
  • Various configurations available to meet specific requirements
  • Can be used on O2, Air, Vacuum and N2O gases
  • Available in recessed wall, exposed wall and console type
  • Wall, bed-head unit, power column mounting options available