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Bubble/Jet Nebulizer

Bubble/Jet Nebulizer is used for the moistening of e.g. oxygen, compressed air or nebuliser unit for the nebulisation (aerosol treatment) of sterile water or medications. It provides an economical alternative for beathging aid device. The unit helps provide optimum amounts of oxygen or humidity in bubble mode or jet mode. It has an audible-alarm pressure relief valve to warn patient and caregivers of obstructions to flow. 

  • Nebulizer-humidifier switch mechanism for converting the device function from nebulization to humidification on a mutually exclusive basis
  • Safety audible-alarm pressure relief valve will be operated at over 2psi to warn patient and caregivers of obstructions to flow
  • Metal construction flowmeter nut for maximum strength and durability
  • Jar and lid are made of break-resistant plastic
  • Metal DISS female connectors for maximum strength and durability
  • Ergonomically designed DISS connector is suitable for connection to a flowmeter
  • 6 mm flow nozzle for humidification or 22 mm ventilation hose connector for nebulization