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Automatic Switchover Manifold

Switchover Gas Manifolds provide a duty or standby gas supply from two equal banks of cylinders. With automatic changeover the monifold offers a convenience to any hospital by regulating gas cylinder pressures to provide uninterrupted gas flows. It provides a cost effective solution to trailing hoses around the operating room.


  • Complies with NFPA 99
  • Fully automatic with manual reset
  • Metal constructions for durability
  • Lockable metal outer cover provides durability and fire resistance enhance safety
  • Automatic switch between two gas sources and is used for refilling gas
  • Pressure-reduce design maintains a reliable and stable output pressure
  • Pressure gauge shows clearly the pressure of each gas source and the total pressure at the outlet
  • Pressure relief valves will turn on when the pressure is too high
  • Full bore valves for minimum pressure loss can be locked in open or closed positions
  • Provide maintenance or major works isolation facilities for gas distribution system
  • Microprocessor based for ease of maintenance and error reporting
  • Gas specific color coded and non-interchangeable hoses connections of enhanced safety
  • Audio and light alarms turn on automatically when one of the gas sources is used up
  • LED display readable even in poor lighting conditions
  • Filter screens out all the impurities in the gas sources
  • User-definable hose length upon requests
  • Remote status panel indicates local status and has a remote indicatorremote status panel
  • Manifolds available for medium and high flow applications
  • 100% passed pressure tests
  • Available in handling gases of O2, Air, N2O, N2, CO2 and LO2
  • Input power 110 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ