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Ceiling Column

When multiple electrical and medical gas services are required in congested environments,ceil service columns for maximum convenience and accessibility.

Ceiling Column is suitable for new or existing applications which require a cost effective solution to providing height adjustable medical gas and electrical services to the operating team which is easily accessible and serviceable for maintenance purposes.

The unit is designed to be either surface or flush mounted. It is connected indirectly to the medical gas main utilizing a flexible hose via a first fix NIST connector. All outelts have a marker wich can be significantly, quickly, and easily distinguished. It is intended for use in the operating room and the delivery room. The gas and power system can be placed near the operating table/delivery table without occupying any floor space.


  • Eliminate hoses and wires that clutter the floor.
  • Provide easy access to medical gas and electrical service near the point of use, where they are needed.
  • Up to 6 medical gas outlets for operating rooms, and up to 8 outlets for recovery rooms in either D.I.S.S. or Quick-Connect fitting.
  • No push or shove needed to extend or retract with the vacuum-powered piston doing the work.
  • 4 I.V. hooks are standard equipment.
  • Provide the maximum in services, including medical gases nitrogen, electrical and grounding receptacles, and four I.V. hooks.
  • Automatic return of handle to the locked position for safety, when released (Manual Retractable model)