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Multi-wall Bed Head System

Multi-wall Type System can be combined with variety of equipment, so it can fulfill the needs for distributing the medical gas. Headwall with multiple designs can satisfy the special needs, and can be completely installed in a short time.

Based on the efficiency requirements on care service, there should be some electric sockets needed by medical gas outlet and electric gauge on the Multi Wall Type. Such design arrangement do not only provide with monitor, but also convenience. So, there will be no chaotic phenomenon occurred.

There are various designs on the Multi Wall Type, so special and general care departments can provide an excellent care environment. The structure of Multi Wall Type can be divided into three sections, so the configuration can be arranged by the special needs to provide the best service. The panel adopted by headwall is very easy to clean. It has a substantially integral structure and is wear-resisted. The color of panel can be harmony with the departmental decoration to procure a beautiful appearance.