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Power Column System

Power Column simplifies the organization of medical service equipment in one aesthetically appealing vertical headwall.

It is a modular-designed product to provide a clean, sanitary, and ordered environment, furthermore, can enhance the quality in care and medical environment. Due to its systematized design, a network provided for medical care service is applicable to the use of secondary instruments and assemblies.

The main structure consists of fluorescent panel, aluminum component, and slide track. Also includes power lines and medical gas piping. Slide tracks are installed at four angles, and the length is equal to the length of the column. All the assemblies required by medical care can be easily and securely placed on the slide track of this column.

Application in mid to high acuity level environment


  • Designed for ease of maintenance and infection control
  • Built as a four-sided unit that offers 360∘access to services and equipment management for critical care areas
  • Can be customized and upgraded to meet your facility’s needs
  • Offer in a variety of widths and heights, tailored to meet your space needs
  • Wide selection of laminate colors are available
  • Multiple rail systems allow for superior accessory management
  • Removable laminate panels allow for simplified maintenance
  • Wide selection of laminate colors are available