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Horizontal Trunking System

Horizontal Trunking System is surface mounted patient headwall system. It is built around a special profiled aluminum section, which provides a rigidity of the unit for mounting on imperfect walls. The pipelines and gas terminal units are permanently integrated into the wall supply unit. It is an attractive and convenient solution to managing bedside equipment satisfies all the requirements of the hospital which designed to reduce maintenance, infection control and installation times in comparison with traditional headwalls.

  • Manufactured in accordance to NFPA
  • UL listed and CSA recognized
  • All configurations can be installed by a way of built-in for easy field connections
  • Smooth contour with a minimum of sharp edges is hygienically prefect for the demanding environment
  • Low profiled design safely contains all types and quantities of available power and gas outlets
  • Combine comfort and efficiency for patient and staff with the observance of safety and hygiene standards
  • Separate channels are provided for power cables, communication cables and medical gas pipes for safety and ease of installation
  • Internal electrical design lets the room free of disturbing electrical cables
  • The power of electric socket can be connected to a general power system or emergency power system, or both in the hospital
  • The gas outlet mounting brackets are securely fixed in position
  • Flexible positioning of gas terminal units and electronic connections without cutting the housing to save your budget
  • Light provides enough illumination in the patient vicinity so that medical staff can see, but is low enough not to disturb the patient
  • Can be customized and upgraded to meet your facility’s needs
  • A wide choice of colors is available for the fascia.