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Orthopedics Irrigation Set

Orthopedic Irrigation Set is intended to be utilized for continuous supply of high flow irrigation solution on demand in the endoscopic surgical surgery.

It is a 4-spike gravity tubing set with large bore tubing set with non-vented fluid spike, thumb-operated on/off clamp and flexible connector is compatible with existing endoscope/inflow sheaths or cannulas without special sheaths or cannulas are required for rapid joint irrigation or fluid irrigation. The set provides a high-flow and constant pressure during orthopedic surgery procedures to ensure fluid is not interrupted.


  • Simple and Efficient Set permits alternate or simultaneous fluid administration from 4 solutions for less frequent changeovers.
  • Extra Large Tubing Diameters in 6.1mm ID/9.3mm OD allows the use of four irrigation solutions to minimize procedure interruption for hi-flow rates under the demanding conditions.
  • 4 Spikes increases pressure potential and reduce circulating nurse manipulation.
  • Shape Piercing Spike for easy insertion into solution bag.
  • Thumb Control Clamps the flow rates can be controlled by the surgeon or assistant to help quick and smooth change of solution bags.
  • Flexible Proximal End Connector fits easily with any kind of endoscope.
  • Super Smooth Kink-resistant Tubing for accurate and unrestricted flow.
  • Total tubing length is 261 cm.
  • Sterile peelable pouch packing for single of use.