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Enteral Feeding Bag

Exteral Feeding Bag is a durable enteral feeding bag that comes with attached administration set consisting of flexible drip chamber pump set or gravity set, built-in hangers and a large top fill opening with leak-proof cap.


  • Large fill top closure with leak-proof cap to minimize formula spills and waste
  • Strong, dependable hanging ring for bag fixation on any medical rack
  • Rigid neck for easy filling and handling
  • Easy-view translucent bag for visually inspect formula
  • Transparent material for visually inspect formula
  • Bottom exit port allows complete drainage
  • Gravity system with thermally controlled packet  for nutritive warming and cooling
  • Tubing is equipped with silicone insertion; makes the system suitable for nutrition delivery with a pump
  • Roller clamp provides adjustable flow rate control for ultimate nutritive dosing and introduction speed
  • Secure lock distal tip, the cap for the G-tube is placed in the designated locking slot on the distal tip drastically minimizing unwanted disconnects, and reduce time consuming cleanups and unsanitary conditions.
  • DEHP and latex free
  • Single-use only