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Urinary Drainage Bag

Urinary Drainage Bag acts as a reservoir bag that is attached to the connector of urinary catheter to collect the out flow of urine.

  • Special Contour Shape for even filling & complete drainage of urine.
  • Manufactured from transparent sheeting to provide clear vision of the urine color.
  • Bag with Measuring Volume from 25 ml and scaled in 100 ml increments up to 2000 ml capacity.
  • Smooth and Kink Resistant Tubing is ensure unrestricted flow of urine.
  • Air Vent secures constant airflow through the system.
  • Needle Free Sampling Port allows aseptic mid stream urine sampling.
  • Non-return Valve prevents urine backflow.
  • Universal Double-Hook and Rope Hanger for fixation on all bed types.
  • Simple Operated Bottom Outlet facilitates extremely fast emptying of the urine bag.
  • Sterile and ready to use.