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Respiratory Therapy
Oxygen Tubing Nipple

Oxygen Tubing Nipple, also known as Christmas tree adapter, is hard plastic threaded adapter that screw onto a flow meter and connect the oxygen tubing to the a barbed stem. It is economical and sanitary built-in item for patients.  
The standard style is a one-piece construction requires no assembly or parts to lose forquick safe fittingwhile the swivel joint is a two-pieces construction for easier in attachment.


  • Universal adapter fits all oxygen flowmeters
  • Molded from durable high strength durable plastics resists breakage
  • Deep grooved hose bard fitting to prevent oxygen leakage
  • Barbed hose adaptor for standard D.I.S.S. threaded oxygen outlet
  • 2-piece swivel construction enables better orientation of the connection tube prevents from twisting and snaps together to prevent loss of components.
  • Latex-free for maximum safety
  • Single-use prevents the risk cross-contamination of hospital, save nursing time and also cut
  • Sterile, non-sterile, individual or bulk packaged available for options