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Disposable Large Volume Nebulizer

Large Volume Nebulizer has been designed for the patients require high-accuracy delivery of continuous humidity in concentrations ranging between 28% to 98% to the tracheal also require supplemental oxygen to the airway. The collection container is filled with sterile water, oxygen is connected to the top of the device and the ordered oxygen percentage is dialed-in. 


  • Lightweight and compact, easy to take along anywhere.
  • FiO2 setting adjustable from 28% to 100% allows respiratory care professionals regulate the percentage of oxygen to meet the orders.
  • Light blue, venturi-style entrainment ring with incremental dial setting of oxygen concentrations eliminates guess work for setting flow rates.
  • Polypropylene bottle made of break-resistant plastic holds up to 500 c.c. of liquid.
  • Immersion-type heater port provides heated aerosol without solution contact reducing the possibility of contamination.
  • Durable plastic flow meter nut that is ergonomically designed stands freely with a flowmeter attached.
  • Minimum (120 c.c.) and maximum (375 c.c.) liquid levels markings are clearly defined.
  • Connector accepts standard 22mm aerosol tubing.
  • Single-patient use.