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Click-style Oxygen Regulator

Click-style Oxygen Regulator is designed to reduce the pressure and control the flow of oxygen from a oxygen cylinder or tank. The flow meter reads from 1 to 15 LPM. The unit with a built-in yoke flow control valve is design to maintain a pressure of 50psi and provide a variable flow rate within 12 settings when provided with a cylinder from levels that can be safely used by the end user. It is intended for the administration of oxygen to patients who need increase oxygen levels to improve their breathing conditions.


  • Compact design saves space and weight
  • Anodized aluminum alloy body with brass core construction will not rust for durability
  • Built-in yoke flow control valve allows exact adjustment for both altitude and type of delivery equipment.
  • Sintered filter for additional safety and extending regulator life
  • Bumper-protected contents gauge
  • High visibility night glow numbers
  • Barb outlet connection
  • Present outlet pressure 20psi
  • Built-in flowmeter available in 0-8 LPM and 0-15 LPM increments
  • Knurled flow adjustment knob provide a variable flow rate within 12 setting click stop positions accuracy is assured at every flow setting without the need for a visible float as in tube flowmeters for convenience.
  • Maximum inlet pressure 2000psi/140 bar
  • 1 1/2” diameter bumper-protected gauge helps prevent damage
  • Nut Nipple and Yoke inlet connections are available
  • No tools required for assembly