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Suction Catheters (Depth-marked)

Depth-marked Suction Catheters help to reduce the trauma and infection potential to offer a method for asfe suctioning. Calibrated markings provide visual reference during advancement.


  • Smooth, soft distal tip reduces tissue trauma
  • Clear tubing enables easy visualization of secretions
  • Put-up low drag catheter surface makes for easy insertion into ET tube
  • Bar graph acts as a guide in determining the maximum distance in cm provides visual reference during advancement
  • Calibrated in 1 cm increments to facilitate proper placement to helping reduce the incidence of pneumothorax during suctioning
  • Opposing eyes reduces the chance of a catheter occlusion, while providing faster suctioning
  • Large opening on control vent provides high airflow and efficient suctioning
  • Variety of sizes and tip styles for options