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High-Flow Irrigation and Suction Set

High-Flow Irrigation and Suction Set is designed as a multi-purpose operating tool with high flow irrigation and suction capabilities during laparoscopy procedures. Ensure surgeons for the simple and effective irrigation and aspiration of fluids within the abdominal cavity, thus ensuring a safe, quick 'bleeder check' whilst maintaining operative site visualization.

  • Single use instrument is convenient, leak free and requires zero maintenance
  • Ergonomic, reliable handheld trumpet valve design allows for comfortable fingertip control of suction or fluid flow
  • Immediate response and smooth action of rapid return pistons provide high suction, clog resistant aspiration and leak-proof irrigation
  • Ability to irrigate-aspirate simultaneously
  • Standard 5mm aluminum shaft with lateral distal aspiration holes to prevent tissue damage due to inadvertent aspiration
  • Matt shaft finish eliminates operative glare
  • Soft rear port connector accommodates 3 mm electrode and laser guides
  • Soft drapeable high capacity 5mm ID tubing prevents coiling within surgical field and allows the easy flow of fluids and masses through the entire system, virtually eliminating clogging.
  • Dual spikes configuration offers added procedural flexibility
  • Universal compatibility with existing fluid bags and suction canisters
  • Single thumb operated Robert’s clamps facilitates quick and smooth changing of solution bags
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC
  • Available in 28 and 32 cm single use options