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Urine Meter with Drainage Bag

Urine Meter with Drainage Bag is a closed system used to accurately measure urine output and collect the urine. The device features a rigid, clear and transparent measured volume chamber, and a 2000mL soft drainage bag.


  • Meter features accurate 1 ml graduations up to 40 ml, 5 ml graduations up to 110 ml, 10 ml graduations up to 120 ml and 20 ml graduations up to 500ml.
  • Air vent secures constant airflow through the system.
  • Bottom outlets on the meter and bag allow emptying.
  • Non-return valve prevents urine from re-entering the Foley catheter.
  • Handy fixing straps and reinforced hanger for use on all bed types.
  • Needle-free sample port facilitates aseptic mid stream urine sampling and prevents contamination.
  • Kink resistant tubing ensures the unrestricted flow of urine.
  • Accurate chamber in 200 ml, 400 ml, 450 ml or 500 ml capacity available.