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3-Chamber Urine Meter

3-chamber Urine Meter is a closed, one-hand operational urine drainage system with accurate graduated chamber to measure the urine output on hourly basis in ICU or CCU's. It features a 500ml transparent chamber has 4 fine measuring sections to measure the precise volume of the urine which enables nurses to spend less time on routine procedures and more time caring for patients to meet the current daily demands of nurses and healthcare professionals.


  • Completely closed circuit eliminates the risk of contamination
  • 500 ml urine meter with 4 chambers for accurate and easy measurement of urine
  • Accurate 2ml graduations up to 50ml at 1st chamber and 5ml graduations up to 500ml from 2nd to 4thchamber
  • Large scale and easy to read digits for convenient and accurate reading
  • Anti-reflux valve in both chamber and collectionbag preventing retrograde infection
  • 2000ml collection bag for convenient urine drainage
  • Large open/close handle for easy one-hand operation ensures easy emptying and prevents urine residue forming in chamber
  • Anti-kink spiral in tubing reduces risk of stasis
  • 150cmlong kink resistant tubing ensures the unrestricted flow of urine
  • Hydrophobic air vent filter for ventilation and minimizes the risk of urinary tract infection
  • Needle-free sampling port facilitates easy and safe aseptic mid stream urine sampling procedure
  • Hygienic, easy-to-use T-shaped bottom outlet for convenient urine emptying
  • Handy, flexible fastening strap for easy hanging to bed side
  • Universal tapered connector with sampling port facilitates mid stream urine sampling
  • 4 types of hanging options