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Semi-reusable Pressure Infusion Bag

Semi-reusable Pressure Infusion Bag is used to administer rapid infusion under a constant pressure to patients. It is designed to increase ease of use, the bag inflates and deflates easily with just one hand and features a color-coded gauge. It offers superior reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety. It is a user-friendly product with its modular configurations permits the user to detach and reattach a auto-pump and/or a manual pump to the pressure infuser bag quickly, easily, and efficiently without decreasing the air pressure of the bag for time-saving.

Application Areas

  • Surgery
  • Intensive Care
  • Radiology, special procedures
  • Cardiac Catherization Laboratory
  • Emergency/Trauma Department
  • Labour & Delivery
  • Day Surgery
  • Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Constructed of nylon for easy to clean and decontaminate will not rip or tear
  • Netting makes fluid set-up and replacement easy and permits a clear view of fluid level
  • A write-on area on the front of bag for patient and drug information
  • A net pocket on the back of bag for easy insertion and removal of the IV bag
  • Color-coded gauge makes monitoring pressure simple (0-300 mmHg)
  • 3-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure with just one-hand
  • Palm fitted oval-shaped inflation bulb makes inflation quick and easy
  • Fit 500 or 1000cc standard bags snugly
  • Latex-free

500ml and 1000ml sizes are available