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Faecal Collection System

Faecal incontinence is a distressing problem for the patient and a priority for healthcare professionals who need to balance maintaining patient dignity, risk of cross infection and prevention of skin damage.

Faecal Collection System is a closed catheter system for the management of feces incontinence for patients with little or no bowel control, and can be used for up to 29 consecutive days. It is a temporary faecal containment devices have been developed to manage bedridden, immobilized and incontinent patients as an alternative to traditional methods such as pads, diapers, fecal pouches, and rectal tubes. It can also be used for diverting feces from the burned area to diminish the risk of skin breakdown and avoid serious infection complications by protecting the patients’ wounds from feces to help prevent cross infection and preserve skin integrity.


  • Catheter facilitates drainage the feces into an external collection bag to eliminate the need for excessive linen changes and patient cleansing
  • Reduce risk of skin breakdown due to inflammation of the perineal skin
  • Minimize exposure to infectious microorganisms
  • Soft, low-pressure inflatable balloon conforms to patient anatomy, ensuring optimum seating to aid easy insertion and removal, and minimize the chance of tissue necrosis.
  • Save time and money associated with bed linen changes and cleanups to improve nursing efficiency
  • Blue “IRRIG” port enables immediate identification of catheter irrigation port to help eliminate accidental inflation
  • Syringe precisely labeled to 45ML to reduce any chance of over-inflation and related patient discomfort.
  • Odour-resistant collection bag assures quick, safe disposal of waste
  • Latex-free

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