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Multi-purpose Therapy Stand Assembly

Multi-purpose Therapy Stand Assembly is also named as the "Theater Suction Trolley" with a sturdy trolley with 5-castors base complete with high suction controller. The unit is powered from the medical vacuum supply system and is supplied with 5 meters of vacuum hose and indirect probe. It allows you to easily move a suction unit from room to room allowing (easy) placement anywhere.

The unit is fitted with two 1,800 c.c. reusable collection bottles assemblies and a change-over valve to switch flows easily between both bottles. The unit can be customized to take alternative collection bottles. It caters to the diversified requirements in Operation Room, accidents as well as emergency use.


  • Allow movement of the regulator in any direction making visual observation of the suction rate easier.
  • Engineering plastic molded unit on trolley with two non-marking castors having brake facility
  • A ball-pivot holder for attachment of the suction canisters

Collection Bottle Material: Polycarbonate (Autoclavable)
Bottle Capacity: 2 x 1800 c.c. with two-way changeover lever
Vacuum Pressure: 0 ~ -650mmHg (Regulable)
Suction Capacity : 40 liter/minute
Castor Size : 2 ½inches