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Magnetic Surgical Drap

PAHSCO Surgical Instruments Magnetic Drape is a hands free transfer drape provides a safe, convenience and cost effective means to retain and transfer instruments within the sterile field. Constructed of round raised magnets provide for easier grapping and solid retaining force of instruments. Use a standard towel clamp to securely fasten to the surgical drape. One standard size will conform to all surface shapes.


  • Used high quality magnets
  • Waterproof minimises the risk of any pathogen cross infection
  • Flexible for easily conform to surface shapes
  • Minimize the risk of percutaneous injuries between OR personnel and surgeons
  • Magnets with smooth edges avoid silicone rubber perforations
  • Magnets high tensile strength provides solid retaining force even on sloping contoured surfaces
  • Raised round magnets provide for easier grasping of instruments
  • Can be cut to any size
  • Can be reusable hundreds of times
  • Non heavy metals
  • Latex-free
  • MRI safe
  • Can be flashed, steam autoclaved or gas sterilized
300*380 mm