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Chest Drainage Devices (Single Chamber Type)

Underwater Chest Drainage Bottle is a closed (airtight) chest drainage systems are used to facilitate the evacuation of fluid, blood, and air from the pleural space or the mediastinum or both; restore negative pressure to the pleural space; and promote re-expansion of a collapsed lung.

It is established by connecting a thoracic catheter that has been placed in the patient’s pleural cavity to drainage tubing that leads to a sealed drainage bottle. It provides a low resistance as air and fluid are drained, pressure on the lungs is relieved and re-expansion of the lung is facilitated.
It is normal used after cardiac and thoracic surgery.


  • Upright, Stable Design does not require tiresome stands or carriers.
  • Clear Bottle allows visual inspection of fluid level, color and consistency which are more convenient and more economical than glass.
  • Water-seal One-way Mechanism permits air and fluid to be removed while preventing backflow into the chest.
  • Positive Shut-off Cap and Float Assembly allows air and fluid to be pushed out of the pleural space by means of positive expiratory pressure.
  • Hospital Patient Port helps prevent the tubing and a hose steam vacuum inlet.
  • Easy-to-ready Graduation helps determine the drain volume precisely.
  • Clearly Marked Initial Level ensures the under water seal.
  • Hydrophobic Filter on bottle cap to prevent back flow to suction regulator.
  • Shockproof Polystyrene Bottle prevents accidental breakage of the bottle guaranteeing safety of the patient and the caregivers.
  • Underwater Sealed Tube in transparent anti-fold material that acts as a seal to keep the air from being drawn back into the pleural space that fluid will be prevented from being siphoned back.
  • Seal Cap provides a leak-free seal when vacuum is applied.
  • Attached Port Caps eliminate cap loss and allow quick, secure capping.
  • Double wrapped, Sterile, Peelable-packed avoids possible cross infection for high degree of safety for nursing staffs and patients.
  • 1800ml and 3000ml capacity available.
  • Available with surgical suction tubing for procedures flexibility.