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Single-use Collection Bottle

Single-use Collection Bottles is designed for collecting body fluids from the patients. Present large reservoirs of nosocomial pathogen contaminants in the patient care area. Designed to meet high volume collection and disposal needs.


  • Polystyrene offers high economic efficiency, simple logistics and low follow-up costs
  • Single patient use avoids possible cross infection for high degree of safety for nursing staffs and patients
  • Cap provides a leak-free seal when vacuum is applied
  • Attached port caps eliminate cap loss and allow quick, secure capping
  • Vacuum port provides optimum flow rate and easy hookup
  • Clear bottle allow visual inspection of fluid level, color and consistency
  • Automatic float shut-off prevents overflow
  • Filter provides final filtration and overflow protection
  • Stepped patient barb on lids allows direct patient tubing connection
  • Graduated scale printed on the outside of the canister allows the volume of the collected liquid to be monitored.
  • Available in the sizes 1500cc and 3000cc