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Medical Gas Outlets
Ohmeda Console Type Gas Outlets

OHMEDA Console Type Medical Gas Outlet shall be gas specific for the services indicated and accept only corresponding OHMEDA-Type Quick Connect Adapter.

The outlets shall be fully complied with the latest edition of NFPA99 and CGA standards. All outlets shall be 100% tested for flow, leaks and connector attachment.
The outlets shall be cleaned for Nitrogen service prior to shipping. A complete medical gas outlet shall consist of a gas-specific rough-in assembly and a matching gas-specific finishing assembly.
It is designed for Bed Unit and Trunking System installation.


  • Conforms to NFPA 99 and CGA standards
  • Receive CE certificate & listed by UL
  • Gas specific indexing accepts only OHMEDA gas quick-action connection fitting
  • 360˚swivel inlet pipe for easy installation
  • Removable front assembly
  • Color-coded latch valve assembly avoids the risk of false operation
  • Working pressure up to 100PSI
  • 100% tested for flow and leaks
  • Available size in 3/8” & 1/2” of K type copper tube
  • Full range of mounting options
  • Gas specific indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services