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Hose Assemblies

Medical Gas Hose Assemblies are used as extensions to supply any device or machine with medical gases delivered from a standardized outlet. The maximum working pressure is up to 55 psi for all gases except for Nitrogen, Nitrogen hoses have a working pressure of up to 200 psi. The burst pressure rating is between 200-250 psi @70ºF. The tubing is color coded to conform to CGA C-9 standard. The fittings are permanently crimped on each end with ferrules.


  • Antistatic PVC hoses with high-resistance polyester fiber
  • Shiny and smooth aspect for an easier cleaning
  • High resistance against squashing
  • The Hose Assemblies are normally made with a DISS
    • Female hand tight nut on one end (to be connected to an outlet). The other end is a Male DISS or Female
  • Length is measured in feet from end to end (including fittings)
  • Available in many different styles and combinations, made according to your specifications